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Beyond Basics

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What is RGFF's Beyond Basics?
RGFF's Beyond Basics is a training program designed to provide high quality additional training to Houston Area firefighters at no cost.
How do I sign up?
In order to participate in RGFF's Beyond Basics Trainings, your fire department must be pre-registered. Only the Training Liaison can register individual firefighters for Beyond Basics. If you would like to participate in RGFF's Beyond Basics, please contact your department's Training Liaison.
What kind of training is offered?
We strive to offer a variety of trainings that are relevent to the Houston area firefighter. Trainings may be hands on or classroom. Please follow us on social media for updates about future trainings.
How can I a suggest an upcoming class?
We're always interested in new classes that can provide a different perspective. Please email us at
I'd like to host RGFF's Beyond Basics Training.
Please contact us at